We've made it safer for pedestrians and cyclists on Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace.

Improving safety on Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace

We’ve made changes to Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and visitors while the redevelopment of the Canterbury Museum is underway.

Canterbury Museum is delivering a multi-million-dollar redevelopment of its Rolleston Avenue buildings. We’ve made alterations to the Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace shared path to accommodate containers and fencing for the Museum work as well as other changes to safely move people through the area over the five-year redevelopment period.  

We've also made other changes to make the area safer for everyone.

You let us know what you think


With the changes in the layout along Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace, we did a survey to hear what people think. 

The survey ran from 29 May 2023 to 12 June 2023. A full breakdown and analysis of the results are provided in attachment A of the report(external link). You can also read more on Newsline(external link).

Councillors approved recommendations from the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board to keep the changes on Rolleston Avenue and Park Terrace in place for the five-year Canterbury Museum development at their 2 August meeting.

Read the report.(external link)

Read the meeting minutes.(external link)

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What we've done


We’ve made a number of changes on Rolleston Avenue, which extend north along Park Terrace to the intersection of Salisbury Street. 

The improvements have been installed under a Temporary Traffic Management Plan(TMP).

The changes use some temporary materials and include:

  • A temporary two-way on-road cycleway from the Antigua Boatsheds to Salisbury Street has been installed on the western side of Rolleston Avenue, helping to ease the congestion on the busy shared path and make it a safer and more enjoyable experience for visitors, walkers, runners and people riding scooters. There will be limited impacts to on-street parking with the addition of the cycleway.
  • The cycleway extends north along Park Terrace to Salisbury Street to connect cyclists to the bridge into Hagley Park. This allows for the improvement of the crossing point on Park Terrace at Salisbury Street for people who cycle, walk and scoot.
  • The addition of the on-road cycleway will mean Park Terrace will be one lane northbound through to Salisbury Street, and Kilmore Street heading into Park Terrace will be reduced to one lane northbound.
  • A new zebra crossing south of the museum between the Botanic Gardens and The Arts Centre archway. The existing zebra crossing at Worcester Boulevard has been closed and the pedestrian crossing markings removed.
  • Traffic calming to support lower speeds in locations where there are lots of people travelling in many different ways.
  • Relocating tour coaches from outside the Museum and Botanic Gardens to the north side of Hereford Street. The space used to accommodate this move was previously construction zones for The Arts Centre improvements, so no parking will be lost. The tour coach parking on Rolleston Avenue has been made into parking spaces.
  • P3 school parking on the south side of Gloucester Street has been installed to increase the number of spaces available for pick-up and drop-off as the parking spaces on the west side of Rolleston Avenue outside Christ’s College have been removed.
  • These road layout changes were implemented on Friday 12 May 2023. The changes will remain in place on a trial basis for the duration of the museum redevelopment (five years).

Access to the Botanic Gardens

Walking person v2

The iron gates and posts at the entrance to the Botanic Gardens adjacent to the Museum have been dismantled, removed and safely stored.

Visitors are being directed to the entrance at Hereford Street while the museum redevelopment is underway, and until the new entrance to the Botanic Gardens is complete. 

Signage is in place to direct visitors.

2024 safety improvements

traffic cone

We've made further safety improvements at the intersections of Peterborough Street, Salisbury Street and Park Terrace.

In April and May 2024, we made safety improvements to the bus stop at the intersection of Park Terrace and Peterborough Street.

We removed the in-lane bus stop and bus border and replaced it with an indented bus stop. An indented bus stop means buses now pull out of the flow of traffic to pick up and drop off passengers at this stop.

We also installed a speed hump and improved the pedestrian crossing at the nearby intersection of Park Terrace and Salisbury Street. 

These improvements were made following an elected Council resolution in August 2023(external link). This resolution was the result of a recommendation made by the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board in July 2023(external link) to change the layout of this bus stop.