We're working on several projects in Ilam, Bryndwr and Burnside between January and June 2024. You'll see us upgrading pipes and making roads way safer.

Our projects involve upgrading water mains, making safety upgrades at intersections, finishing the latest section of the Nor'West Arc Cycleway, delivering an odour control solution, and resurfacing roads.

You can read more information about each of these projects underneath the map:

1: Athol Terrace/Waimairi Road intersection safety upgrade

Timeline: January to late February 2024.

We've finished our work to make this intersection way safer

We’ve made it way safer and easier to cross the road and catch the bus at the intersection of Waimairi Road, Athol Terrace and Homestead Lane.

We’ve done this by:

  • Installing a new bus stop with a shelter and moving the bus stop on the east side of Waimairi Road south. This will make pick up and drop off safer for passengers and will create a more comfortable waiting space.
  • Painting new cycle lanes on both sides of Waimairi Road, improving safety for cyclists travelling along the road and into Athol Terrace.
  • Installing a safe speed platform on Waimairi Road, just south of the Athol Terrace intersection, to make it easier and safer for the community to cross Waimairi Road.
  • Extending the kerb on the Athol / Waimairi / Homestead intersection, reducing the crossing distance and enhancing safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the intersection and accessing the bus stops.

Thanks for your patience while we've made this intersection way safer and easier to use.

2: Clyde Road/Ilam Road intersection safety upgrades

Timeline: January to mid-February 2024.

We've finished our work to make this roundabout way safer

A bird's eye view of the completed roundabout safety upgrade.

We upgraded this roundabout because there had been a history of collisions.

Our work involved improving pedestrian crossings and installing speed humps on each approach to the roundabout.

We also added sharrow markings to the road to show that cars and bikes will share the lane, which helps to make cyclists a lot more visible.

There are many shops and businesses in this area. We worked with business owners to plan our work programme.

3: Clyde Road/Greers Road intersection safety upgrades

Timeline: February to mid-March 2024.

We’re currently making safety upgrades to this busy intersection

There has been a history of collisions at this intersection, so we're making it safer and easier for everyone to use.

We're currently building out kerbs to improve visibility and reduce crossing distance, as well as adding a pedestrian refuge island on Greers Road.

We've closed a 100m section of Clyde Road between Greers Road and Aorangi Road to be able to make these upgrades safely.

This closure will be in place from mid-February to mid-March. We currently have a detour in place on Aorangi Road.

Please read the start work notice(external link) for more information about this project.

4: University Drive odour control works

Timeline: February to March 2024.

We've finished our odour control work along University Drive

We've appreciated your patience as we completed this essential work at the University of Canterbury.

5: Nor'West Arc cycleway

We’re currently building the next section of the Te Ara O-Rakipaoa Nor’West Arc Cycleway

This cycleway will make it safer and easier for people to bike to school, university and Jellie Park.

Our crews have been hard at work over the last few months, constructing the cycleway, installing new services and upgrading the traffic signals. Ilam Road will be free from road works between 22 December 2023 and 8 January 2024, with two-way traffic reinstated during the break.

From January 2024 onwards:

  • Work and traffic management will resume on Tuesday 9 January, until late June 2024.
  • Ilam Road, between Memorial Ave and Aorangi Road, will be free from invasive traffic management, however, there will be some minor footpath and electrical works completed in January.
  • The new signalised pedestrian crossing outside Jellie Park will be switched on in January before the school term starts.
  • We'll re-start cycleway construction on Ilam Road, between Memorial Ave and Montana Ave. This will also include drainage installation and the upgrading of footpaths and kerb and channels.
  • We'll start the traffic signal upgrade at the Maidstone Road/Creyke Road/Ilam Road intersection. The traffic lights at this intersection will be temporarily turned off from approximately Tuesday 9 January 2024. There may be times when temporary traffic lights are used on Maidstone Road and Creyke Road, so please keep an eye out for changes to the traffic management.

You can read the work notice(external link) for more details about this construction or learn more about the Nor’West Arc Cycleway(external link).

6: Memorial Avenue water main renewal

Timeline: January to late May 2024.

We're currently renewing the water pipes on Memorial Avenue

This is essential work as the pipes between Ilam Road and Roydvale Avenue have reached the end of their service life and require replacing.

We’ll carry out most of this work during the daytime, however, we'll do work at intersections overnight to keep traffic moving during the day.

We'll distribute a works notice to residents and businesses who are directly affected by this work, and we’ll deliver a separate notice before we start work on Grangewood Lane, Frith Place and Hampton Place.

Vehicle access to residential properties may be restricted at times during the works. The contractor (Isaac Construction) will be making contact to discuss timing and work to minimise the disruption.

Work may result in increased dust, noise and vibrations. We'll maintain the water supply to properties and will give residents and businesses advanced notice when we need to temporarily turn the water supply off to connect to the new pipes.

We started our work on Sunday 21 January 2024 and we'll be finished by the end of May 2024.

Please see our work in your area page for the most recent start works notices (search: Memorial).

7 and 8: Road resurfacing

Timeline: January to mid-February 2024.

We've now resurfaced a section of Grahams Road at the Wairakei Road intersection

We'd previously planned to resurface a section of Roydvale Avenue, between Memorial Avenue and Avonhead Road, at the same time. This work will now be done later in 2024 or early in 2025. We'll be in touch with directly affected residents and businesses closer to the time.

For more information about our planned road maintenance and repairs in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula, you can keep up to date.