An easier way to get to work? Help your staff explore new ways and get excited about their commute.

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Bike, bus, carpool, walk, drive or scoot. With so many ways to get around the city, we’re here to help organisations, businesses and staff get to know their different travel options.

Our free City Travel Planning programme offers personalised journey planning sessions, advice, practical resources and services such as onsite bike workshops and Metrocards for the bus.

To date, we’ve rolled out the programme to more than 50 workplaces and over 5000 staff who were moving into or already located in the central city. We also offer induction programmes for new staff coming onboard at your organisation.

Biking, walking or taking the bus has proven results:

  • People are healthier and more active.
  • Higher productivity and staff engagement.
  • People feel less stressed.

Aurecon Group

“We found the knowledge, guidance, and time, provided by the City Travel Planning team invaluable for our workplace. From the get-go they were proactive and helped us to create a ‘clever commuting group’ within the office.

The one-on-one planning advice gave our staff travel information that was relevant to them, and the team provided great ideas, and incentives so our staff could try out some different ways to get to work. Our staff are now aware of the many travel options available around the city, and they have the confidence to use them”.


“Since EY’s move back to the Christchurch CBD, our staff have embraced a range of transport options for their commute to work thanks to the City Travel Programme. A considerable number of staff opt to cycle to work, which has been made easier by the cycle lanes, bike maintenance workshops and secure bike lock up.

Many of our staff utilise the Bus services, and several choose to carpool whilst those that live within walking distance value their therapeutic walk to and from work. We’re very grateful to the City Travel Programme for educating us on the options available and where we can learn more”.

Grant Thornton

“The presentation, support and materials provided by the City Travel Planning team helped our staff to be more aware of their options for getting around the city. The one on one planning sessions with staff were really beneficial and gave us travel options that we hadn’t even thought of!”

Our free programme is designed to be delivered shortly before an organisation moves into the central city, however, we have also successfully delivered the programme to several companies already located in the city.

Our team will come to your workplace to deliver the programme to your staff. Our aim is to help reduce the stress associated with commuting and provide advice and support on different ways your staff can get to their new workplace.

We can also offer phone-based personalised travel planning services and incentives to your new staff as part of your induction process.

Our programme includes:

  • Surveying staff on their current travel habits and what’s important to them in regards to getting to work.
  • A customised presentation for your workplace.
  • One-on-one sessions providing personalised advice for each staff member.
  • Helpful materials and incentives to try out new travel options including complimentary bike maintenance workshops.
  • Ongoing support, including access to wellbeing programmes and support for competitions such as the Aotearoa Bike Challenge.

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