Find out how to pay for or dispute a parking ticket.

To report a non-authorised or illegally parked car, please contact the Council on 03 941 8999.  

Parking ticket infringement fees

Parking tickets are issued when drivers fail to pay for their parking, overstay the time they have paid for, park in a no-parking zone or can not display a valid licence/inspection label.

Pay and display

If you fail to pay for your parking, the infringement fee for this is $40.00

Parking meters or designated parking areas

At parking meters or designated parking areas, tickets for expired parking or overstaying the time limit are:

Time limit exceeded by Fee
Under 30 minutes $12
30 minutes to 1 hour $15
1 to 2 hours $21
2 to 4 hours $30
4 to 6 hours $42
More than 6 hours $57

Other parking infringement fees

Infringement type Fee
Parking at a bus stop $60
Parking on a loading zone $40

Licence and inspection labels

Infringement type Fee
Current licence label not affixed in a prescribed manner $200
No evidence of current inspection $200


Pay your parking ticket

Parking tickets can be paid for via internet banking, in person and by phone.

Internet banking

Parking fines can be paid directly into our bank account or online using these details:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand 
Account number: 02 0800 0044765 00 
Account name: Christchurch City Council
Particulars/code/reference: Vehicle registration number and ticket number

Please put the ticket number and vehicle registration number in any two of the three fields. If you have any issues with this, please send an email to outlining the tickets that you are making payment for.

In-person (cash or Eftpos)

You can pay in person at any Council Customer Service Hub.

Phone (24 hours a day)

You can pay over the phone using any major credit card. Contact us on 0800 800 169. 

If you are worried about your payments or think you might miss a payment talk to us, we can help.

Part payments on tickets

At present legal constraints do not allow us to accept part payments on tickets. 

Once the ticket has been lodged with the Courts you may be able to make a part payment, however, you will need to contact them directly(external link) as this will be at their discretion. 

Dispute a parking ticket

If you explain the circumstances in writing they will be considered by the Inspections and Enforcements Unit. They will advise you of the outcome in writing.

Disputing a parking ticket

If you want to dispute a parking ticket, only the driver can submit an explanation. You will need to provide as much information as you can.

Dispute a parking ticket

Alternatively, you can email or write a letter providing your full name, date of birth and residential address on all correspondence to:

The Parking Compliance Appeals Team
PO Box 73014,
Christchurch 8154

Disputing a vehicle licence or warrant of fitness infringement

All motor vehicles on the road must display a current annual licence label and warrant of fitness. This includes vehicles that are not running.

Hours of enforcement are 24 hours per day, with an infringement fee of $200.

There are a number of conditions that must be met before consideration may be given for the ticket to be waived, however, they may not be limited to these only:

  • The period of expiry of the licence label or warrant of fitness displayed at the time an infringement notice was issued is less than one calendar month. Please note that a vehicle without a current warrant of fitness can only be used for the sole purpose of presenting the vehicle for an inspection or carrying out repairs.
  • A new licence label or warrant of fitness was obtained within a few working days of the notice being issued.
  • This was your first infringement notice for this, or a similar type of offence, or the first offence notice issued to the vehicle while in your ownership.

What to do if your car is towed away

The police hold a record of every vehicle that is towed by Council, including those from bus lanes and they will be able to confirm whether your vehicle has been removed.

Council uses Parks Towing, please phone 03 366 7615 to arrange recovery.

The Council does not clamp vehicles.

Parking officer cameras

Parking Compliance team members now wear video cameras that can be activated to record incidents of violence or abuse.

The Council introduced the cameras as a health and safety measure to protect staff after an increase in abuse and assaults on them while they were doing their jobs.

The cameras film continuously but only record footage when activated by the wearer. Footage shot in the previous 30 seconds is saved and recording continues until the record button is pressed again.

Officers must inform members of the public when they begin recording and where practical, why they are recording video and audio.