It's now quicker and easier to park in the central city.

PayMyPark parking app

You can pay for metered Council parking using the PayMyPark smartphone app(external link).

Download it at Google Play(external link) or the App Store(external link) today.

Keep an eye out for stickers on our meters showing the area you are parked in.

You will need to input or select your area when using the app. The stickers look like the one shown in this image. 

If topping up with the app you still need to follow the time restrictions that apply to the area you're parked in.

So if you're in a 60-minute area you'll only be able to top up to that period.

Learn more about PayMyPark below.

PayMyPark parking app

You can download PayMyPark(external link) for free from the App Store(external link) or Google Play(external link)

If you don't have a smartphone you can use the PayMyPark website(external link) to pay for parking. 

Using PayMyPark 

You can use PayMyPark as a casual user or set up an account. Benefits of being an account holder include: 

  • use of the start-stop parking function, meaning you only pay for the time you've parked. 
  • you don't pay the 50 cent transaction fee. Account-holders only pay when you transfer money to your PayMyPark account. 
  • businesses can have one account for all staff members to use.

For more information, frequently asked questions or help on using the app, visit the PayMyPark webpage(external link)

For business account set up information visit the PayMyPark organisation webpage(external link).

Our parking meters are paperless

Parking meter

This means you don't need to return to your car to place a paper ticket on the dashboard after paying for your parking. 

Follow these four easy steps and you're on your way:

  1. Enter your car's licence plate number into the meter.
  2. Select how long you wish to park for up to the maximum available e.g P120 two hours.
  3. Pay for parking with PayMyPark, cards (including contactless) or coins (some meters do not accept coins).
  4. Press OK and select whether you want an e-receipt or not. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions follow our 'Using a paperless meter' guide below.

If you experience any issues with our pay by plate meters you can report a problem.

Location of meters

The majority of our paperless parking meters are located within the Central City within the perimeter of Bealey Ave, Madras Street, Moorhouse Ave, Rolleston Ave and Hagley Ave.

Location map of parking meters


Using a paperless meter

How to use a pay by plate parking meter

1. Enter your licence plate number

  1. Enter your licence plate numberUse the keypad to enter your vehicle licence plate number with no spaces,
    e.g. ABC123
    Tip: Use the backspace arrow if you make a mistake
  2. Press OK 
  3. A screen saying "Check for remaining time" will display. This will go away in a few seconds - you don't need to take any action. 

2. Select your payment method

Select your payment methodCredit card: $1 minimum

  1. Select credit card
  2. Select the amount of time you want
    Tip: To add time press the right arrow, to remove time press the left arrow
  3. Press OK
  4. Your total charge will be shown
  5. Press OK
  6. Complete your payment by selecting contactless touch payment or standard credit/debit card payment.

Coins: $1 minimum

  1. Insert coins into the slot
  2. The screen will display the amount of time you have paid for and the expiry time
  3. When you reach your required time, press OK.

3. Get an e-receipt

Once you have made your payment you will be asked if you wish to have an e-receipt or not.

  1. If you select no that is the final step and your payment has gone through.
  2. If you select “yes” you will be provided with a four-digit code which you should note down. 

To get a copy of the e-receipt:

  1. Go online to link)
  2. Enter the e-receipt code and your licence plate number.
  3. You can choose to save/print the receipt or register your email address so that all future receipts and transaction details for that plate number will be sent to your email address.

 Select your payment method

4. Helpful information

Green OK button

If the OK button is not pressed within 20 seconds, this will cancel the transaction and your card will not be debited, or any inserted coins will be rejected. The only way a card can be debited is if you accept the transaction by pressing the "OK” button. This is your security that you are in control of the transaction at all times.

Red Cancel button

Press this button to cancel the transaction and re-enter your details if required.

? help button

By pressing the ? button, will provide you with instructions on how to make a payment or obtain an e-receipt. 

Incorrect information

If you inaccurately enter your number plate you can cancel the session and start another one with the correct number plate number. Our enforcement officers need to be able to match your licence plate number with the transaction data so it is important that your details are correct.


Payment options

Credit card or debit card

You can use your debit or credit card like usual. Want to save time? Use your contactless card– just tap your card onto the reader to make the payment.

PayMyPark parking app

You can pay for metered Council parking using the PayMyPark smartphone app(external link).

Download it at Google Play(external link) or the App Store(external link).


Some meters accept coins in the following denominations: $2, $1, 50c, 20c, 10c.

The rate for our on-street meters is $4.60 per hour.

Checking and extending parking time

Parking meter hours

Each meter will display its operating hours/days and time limits.  note private companies may have different operating hours at their car parks.

Public holidays are free.

Check your remaining time

You can check if you still have any more time left by going to a parking meter and entering your number plate. It will then come up with a screen showing you how much time you have remaining.

Extend your time

You can extend your time if you have purchased a shorter time within the maximum period e.g if you purchase 1 hour at a 2 hour maximum meter you can extend your time by another hour. However, you will not be able to purchase more time than allowed in the particular payment area e.g if in 2 hour zone you can still only park up to 2 hours.

Please note, for credit/debit card payments the top-up amounts are only available in half-hour increments. 

Moving parking spaces

Moving to a park with the same time limit

You can move your vehicle between meters of the same time period without having to pay again provided you still have time remaining.

You can also extend your session if moving within meters of the same period. E.g if you purchased 1 hour at a 2 hour maximum meter then moved your car to a different 2 hour meter you can extend your session by another hour or if your original time has expired you can start a new session with a maximum 2 hour period.

Using a parking coupon

If you have time remaining on your coupon after parking at a meter, you can re-use the coupon at any other parking meter.  Provided the coupon has not been used previously, it can be used even if the year has expired.

Purchase parking coupons


  • 30-minute coupons (ten per book):  $23.00
  • 60-minute coupons (ten per book):  $46.00.

Parking coupons cannot be purchased over the phone by credit card.

Coupons are sold by the book. Businesses can order coupon books if they have an account. The minimum order is five books.

Coupons can be ordered through Anita Koppier, coupon supplier, phone 03 941 5244.

You can also buy coupons from

Inner City City Mall, Christchurch City Council Cashiers, 53 Hereford Street
Beckenham Beckenham Service Centre, 66 Colombo Street
Fendalton Fendalton Service Centre, corner Clyde Road and Jeffreys Road
Linwood Linwood Service Centre, upstairs in the library, Eastgate Mall
Papanui Papanui Service Centre, corner Langdons Road and Restell Street
Riccarton Riccarton Service Centre, 199 Clarence Street
Shirley Shirley Service Centre, 36 Marshland Road