Long Term Plan documents

The following links provide the underlying information that forms the basis for the Council's draft Long Term Plan 2018–28.


Draft Long Term Plan 2018–2028 documents

Projects by ward

 Underlying documents

Draft Service Plans

Group of Activity Service Plan
Water Supply Water Supply [PDF, 224 KB]
Wastewater Wastewater Collection Treatment and Disposal [PDF, 242 KB]
Strategic Planning and Policy

Strategic Planning and Policy [PDF, 177 KB]

Public Information and Participation [PDF, 118 KB]

Economic Development [PDF, 166 KB]

Stormwater Drainage Stormwater Drainage [PDF, 210 KB]
Flood Protection and Control Works Flood Protection and Control Works [PDF, 324 KB]

Active Travel [PDF, 131 KB] 

Parking [PDF, 120 KB] 

Public Transport Infrastructure [PDF, 157 KB] 

Traffic Safety and Efficiency [PDF, 140 KB]

Roads and Footpaths Roads and Footpaths [PDF, 136 KB]
Refuse Disposal Solid Waste [PDF, 308 KB]
Regulatory and Compliance

Building Services [PDF, 113 KB] 

Resource Consenting [PDF, 81 KB] 

Land and Property Information Services [PDF, 77 KB] 

Regulatory Compliance and Licencing [PDF, 138 KB]

Parks, Heritage and Coastal Environment

Parks and Foreshore [PDF, 333 KB] 

Heritage [PDF, 148 KB]

Housing Assisted Housing [PDF, 245 KB]
Governance Governance and Decision-making [PDF, 293 KB]
Citizens and Communities

Citizen and Customer Services [PDF, 86 KB] 

Civil Defence and Emergency Management [PDF, 88 KB] 

Community Development and Facilities  [PDF, 495 KB]

Christchurch Art Gallery [PDF, 122 KB] 

Canterbury and Akaroa Museums [PDF, 90 KB] 

Libraries [PDF, 214 KB] 

Recreation, Sports, Community Arts and Events [PDF, 439 KB]