Community-led planning

Help improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of your local area.

Community-led planning can range from providing a park bench, to establishing a community garden on a vacant property, to producing a community-led plan outlining the vision and actions to enhance the local shopping centre.

Communities know what they need most and are capable of identifying, planning and delivering their own projects. Such projects can become a source of local identity and pride. The Little River and Diamond Harbour communities are working to transform their neighbourhoods through community-led plans, supported by Council staff.

Community-led plans are similar to Council-led plans in that they have a vision, actions and implementation plan. Although not formally adopted by the Council, community-led and owned plans can still guide decision-making by the Council and other agencies. 

Little River Big Ideas

Little River Big Ideas is a plan produced by the Little River community.

Diamond Harbour – Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point is a community-led plan that the Council is helping the Diamond Harbour community to implement.

Inner City East Linwood Revitalisation Plan

Prepared by the Inner City East – Linwood Revitalisation Working Group, with and for the local community.

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