Lincoln Road and Moorhouse Avenue bus priority improvements

We are planning to install peak hour bus lanes on Lincoln Road and Moorhouse Avenue, to improve bus journey times between Halswell and the central city. We’d like to hear your views.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 23 October 2018 to 4 December 2018

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Consultation has now closed

Summary of feedback

We received 274 submissions from residents, bus users, local businesses, community groups and stakeholders.

In the consultation we asked for submitter’s feedback on:

  • Installation of peak hour bus lanes
  • Installation of a new pedestrian crossing (outside Mediaworks)
  • Restricted parking on the side streets
  • Turning restrictions on Wise Street, Clarence Street and Spencer Street
  • Reduction of speed in Addington Village to 30km/h
  • Relocation of the sculpture ‘Addington Worker in Tune’.


Bus lanes submissions [PDF, 311 KB]

Attachments to support submissions on the bus lanes
Submission number 20120 [PDF, 462 KB]
Submission number 20434 [PDF, 1.2 MB]
Submission number 20448 [PDF, 7.9 MB]
Submission number 20462 [PDF, 496 KB]
Submission number 20463 [PDF, 374 KB]
Submission number 20473 [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Pedestrian crossing [PDF, 335 KB]
Parking changes [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Turning restrictions [PDF, 214 KB] 
Speed reduction [PDF, 282 KB]
Sculpture [PDF, 328 KB] 
Comments [PDF, 901 KB]

Feedback results

Key areas Support Do not support Did not indicate any preference
Installation of two peak hour bus lanes




New pedestrian crossing (outside Mediaworks)




Restricted parking on the side streets




Turning restrictions on Wise Street, Clarence Street and Spencer Street




Speed reduction in Addington Village to 30km/h




Key topics raised

·         Changes will affect businesses along the route.
·         Increased parking pressure on residents in the area.

Changes to the proposal

  1. The proposed left in / left out turning restrictions at Wise Street have been removed. This intersection will now allow for right turns in and out.
  2. To improve safety for right turning vehicles into and out of the side streets where these turns are allowed, we are proposing ‘Keep Clear’ areas to be installed on Lincoln Road. This will keep the areas clear during queued traffic, and this will improve safety and visibility. Turning vehicles can now see cyclists coming towards the intersection, before they turn across them into the side road.
  3. A P5 Loading Zone will installed outside 297 Lincoln Road.
  4. The bus stop outside 342 Lincoln Road is being relocated to outside 334 Lincoln Road. This will improve sightlines for users of the laneway and for people accessing the Jailhouse Backpackers accommodation.
  5. The bus lane on Moorhouse Avenue is proposed to be a peak hour bus lane from 4-6pm Monday to Friday, rather than the 24hr/7 days a week bus lane originally proposed. This is achieved by constructing 2 recessed parking bays that provide 6 carparks.

The ‘Addington Worker in Tune’ Sculpture will be relocated to near Hazeldean Road as this was the preferred option by submitters.

Plans for Approval

The staff recommendation is for the Waihoro/Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board

Approve the final plans, and the traffic resolutions required to legalise the changes to road markings, create the bus lanes and change the parking and turning restrictions.
The Community Board will also make a recommendation to Council regarding the peak hour bus lanes on Lincoln Road and Moorhouse Avenue, the installation of the new pedestrian traffic signals and the proposed speed reduction on Lincoln Road.


Why we need to make changes

The South West of Christchurch (Halswell and Wigram) is growing with 35,000 people expected to move into the area in the next 30 years. As the population grows, congestion along Lincoln Road will increase. Bus improvements will help more people to travel along the limited road space. 

Public transport investment will provide an alternative travel option for people that live in Halswell, Wigram, Hoon Hay and Addington. It will make buses faster and more reliable. This will allow bus frequencies to increase.

Proposal for Moorhouse Avenue to Whiteleigh Avenue 

Permanent bus lanes are proposed for south side of Moorhouse Avenue between Selwyn Street and Lincoln Road, and continuing along Lincoln Road to Whiteleigh Avenue. The bus lane on the north west side of Lincoln Road (travelling into the city) will operate between 7am to 9am, Monday to Friday. The lane on the south east side (travelling towards Halswell) will operate between 4pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours the lanes will be available for parking.

The speed limit is also proposed to be reduced to 30km/h between Whiteleigh Avenue and Moorhouse Avenue.

Additional to the bus lanes, some right turns will be restricted and a new pedestrian crossing will be provided.

Bus lanes

Peak hour bus lanes for Lincoln Road (Moorhouse Avenue to Whiteleigh Avenue)

  • Monday to Friday 7am-9am towards the city and 4pm-6pm towards Halswell.
  • Permanent bus lane for Moorhouse Avenue (travelling towards Halswell) between Selwyn Street and Lincoln Road.


Pedestrian crossing

Install another signalised crossing outside number 334 Lincoln Road. This is approximately half way between the existing signalised pedestrian crossings at Harman Street and outside the Addington Mall.


Some side roads will have P60 parking restrictions to maintain the same number of carparks for short term use.

  • Spencer Street – also six proposed angle carparks
  • Clarence Street South
  • Wise Street
  • Parlane Street
  • Bernard Street
  • Dickens Street

During the hours the bus lanes are operating, there will be a loss of on street car parking. Outside of those hours, the on street car parks outside the businesses will be available for use.

Turning restrictions

Three of the side roads off Lincoln Road are proposed to have right hand turns removed:

  • Spencer Street
  • Wise Street
  • Dickens Street



Reducing the speed limit to 30km/h on Lincoln Road, between Moorhouse Avenue and Whiteleigh Avenue. 

Road layout

To fit in the bus lanes, existing kerb buildouts and the flush median will need to be removed.


The sculpture at the corner of Lincoln Road and Parlane Street is called the Trumpeter. It is silhouetted against a collection of railway worker’s tools. It portrays Dave Christiansen who joined the
Addington Workshops Brass Band in the 1950s. We are proposing to relocate the sculpture to one of the three options.

Sculpture location options:

Lincoln road Sculpture location options


As part of the changes on Lincoln Road, we are planning to plants trees in the footpath to provide some shade in summer and to soften the street scape. The proposed trees are Fagus Sylvatica “Dawyck Gold” Fastgate Beech, and 6 Totara trees at the entrance to Hazaldean Road. These are a narrow upright tree that are suited to the environment along Lincoln Road. These trees are proposed in areas that are clear of underground services. 

Drop-in sessions

Come and talk to the team

Additional date
Due to the high interest in this project, we will be holding an additional drop in session. If you have any questions, queries or you would like to have a chat about the project come and see us;

6pm, Wednesday 21 November
Addington Coffee Co-op
297 Lincoln road, Addington

Resident focused:
6pm, Tuesday 30 October
Addington Coffee Co-op
297 Lincoln road, Addington

Business focused:
6pm, Thursday 1 November
Addington Coffee Co-op
297 Lincoln road, Addington

Everyone welcome:
11am to 1pm, Wednesday 7 November
Manuka Cottage at St Mary's church,
21 Church Square, Addington

PowerPoint from the drop in sessions [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Wrights Road to Curletts Road

Below are the plans for Lincoln Road between Wrights Road and Curletts Road. This section is not due to be constructed until 2023/2024. We will consult on this closer to the time.

The existing road is planned to be widened to four lanes with a central median. This will remove right turns in and out of Torrens Road, Sylvan Street, Domain Terrace and Annex Road. U-turn slots are planned in three locations for vehicles that wish to head in the opposite direction.

For the two lanes heading into the city, one lane will be a bus lane in the morning peak, with limited on street parking outside of those hours. For the two lanes towards Halswell, there will be no on street parking at any time.

The central median will have trees similar to the block between Wrights Road and Whiteleigh Avenue, as well as trees on the south side of the road in the berms. The design accommodates the Norwest Arc cycleway between Domain Terrace and Annex Road. This is likely to have been constructed prior to the construction of the Lincoln Road works.

Existing overhead services will need to be relocated to accommodate the new road layout. These works would be undertaken at the same time as the road construction.

Whiteleigh Avenue to Wrights Avenue

This section of Lincoln Road is already four lanes, and we are not proposing to make any changes in this section.

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