Wastewater capacity

Capacity issues occur when the volume of wastewater generated by residential, commercial or industrial properties becomes more than three times the dry weather amount during wet weather and exceeds the capacity of the city’s wastewater network.

We have identified areas in the network with capacity issues which require effective management to avoid overflows. These include wastewater capacity constraint areas, limited sewer discharge areas, and vacuum sewer areas.

Check your property

Search your property on our interactive wastewater network map to see if you are in an area with capacity issues.

You can also email the Wastewater capacity mailbox if you have further questions.

Wastewater capacity constraint areas

These areas are serviced by gravity wastewater networks where modelling predicts overflows. There is no funding in the Long Term Plan to upgrade capacity.

Limited sewer discharge areas

These areas on the fringe of the wastewater network are zoned industrial with a daily average sewage flow limit that is dependent on the property size.

Vacuum sewer areas

Parts of Shirley, Aranui and all of Prestons are serviced by vacuum sewer systems which either have limited or no additional capacity.

Wastewater network map

Detailed information and data for the Council wastewater network assets with special focus on wastewater constraints.