We’ve 'bin good' before – let’s do it again. In 2019 we only sent 23 truckloads of contaminated recycling to landfill throughout the whole year. We now need everyone to 'bin good' again so we can recycle. The table below shows how we're tracking.

See how we measure up

We need everyone to bin good so we can recycle. We collect about 20 to 30 trucks of recycling each day. We can only recycle if we have enough correct, clean items, otherwise, we have to send the truck contents to landfill. 

Do your part to help us recycle by putting the correct items in your yellow bin. Find out what items you can put in your yellow bin.

Where are recycling trucks being sent

Week 3 – 18/05/2020

  • Positive signs on Monday as we had 20 trucks recycled and 11 going to landfill.
  • Tuesday's results matched the previous day with again 20 trucks recycled and 11 sent to landfill. 
  • On Wednesday we had another strong day with 26 trucks recycled and 10 going to landfill.
  • For Thursday, we had only 13 trucks recycled and 14 were sent to landfill. We can bin better Christchurch.
  • On Friday we had 21 trucks recycled and 10 sent to landfill. 

Keep 'bin good' Christchurch.

Past weeks' results

Week 1 (4/5/2020)

  Trucks sent to landfill  Trucks recycled
Monday 18 4
Tuesday  15 15
Wednesday 12  24
Thursday 13 15
Friday 11 22
Total 69 80

Week 2 (11/5/2020)

  Trucks sent to landfill  Trucks recycled
Monday 13 19
Tuesday  6 29
Wednesday 22  12
Thursday 12 27
Friday 6 23
Total 59 110