You may have spotted our bin checkers out and about on the streets checking your recycling bin. If you were wondering what the different stickers and tags mean, here’s a helpful explanation.

Small yellow reflective sticker

On the side of your bin indicates the bin has been fitted with an RFID tag(external link). Please do not remove these. 

Flyer in your letterbox

The majority of your recycling was correct, but there were a couple of wrong items. We’ll leave you some educational material to assist you and your bin will be emptied as usual.


Gold star

The recycling in the bin was 100 per cent correct when the team checked it, well done!

A tag around your bin handle

This means there are incorrect items in your bin and we are unable to empty it on this collection cycle. We’ll leave you some educational material showing what the correct items are for each bin. Please remove the items and put your bin out for collection on your next recycling day. You can drop off correct recycling, free of charge, to your nearest EcoDrop Recycling Centre.


All other coloured stickers or chalk pen markings

This helps our collection truck drivers know that your bin has been checked by our auditing team. Stickers were used initially by the bin checking team and can be removed if you wish. The chalk marking will disappear with time.