Assisted kerbside recycling for schools application

The assisted kerbside recycling for schools programme provides free recycling equipment and a kerbside recycling collection service to early learning centres and schools.

Schools who normally would not be eligible for kerbside collection as they are not rated for this service can apply for this programme. We would like to support the New Zealand Curriculum's values and principles by encouraging ecological sustainability and community engagement through the themes of waste minimisation and recycling.

Entitlement: yellow recycling bins

Early learning centres and schools accepted for the programme are entitled to a maximum of one yellow recycling wheelie bin per three classrooms. The bins will be clearly labelled with the collection day and a calendar will be included showing the weeks the bins will be emptied. If you require any additional educational resources, such as posters or stickers, please ring us on 03 941 8999.

For information on what items are accepted in the recycling bins and learning resources, visit our yellow bin page or download our bin app.

Using your yellow recycling bin

  • Bins must be kept in a secure setting on the school grounds.
  • Bins need to be placed out on the kerb by 6am and brought in by 11am on collection day.
  • Bin lids must be shut flat to ensure collection.
  • Only clean items listed on our recycling webpage are accepted.
  • Items should be loose.
  • If your bins are not collected and you are unsure why, please phone us as soon as possible on (03) 941 8999.

Please note: This programme is intended to encourage students to participate in recycling and to support the New Zealand Curriculum principles and values of sustainability, community engagement and participation. The programme is not designed to dispose of all recyclable material that is produced. A commercial collection service may be required to dispose of excess amounts.

The council does not provide organic or rubbish bins to schools. It is expected that the school will practise sustainability by implementing worm farms and/or compost organic material on site.

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