The Council offers a rubbish and a recycling collection service for residents and businesses in the inner city.

This is a specific area [PDF, 1.1 MB] within the four avenues.

Properties in the inner city do not pay for rubbish and recycling collection through their rates.  Instead they buy Council rubbish and recycling bags to use the collection service.


  • Rubbish bags are collected nightly
  • Recycling bags are collected weekly on Wednesday night
  • Put bags on the kerbside on the collection day by 5:30pm but no earlier than 5:00pm where possible
  • Avoid placing bags where they might obstruct pedestrians or vehicles.


Buy official Council bags from the Civic Offices at 53 Hereford Street. Only official Council rubbish and recycling bags can be used. There is no inner city organics collection.

  • Rubbish (red) bags are 50 litres and cost $10.90 for a pack of 5
  • Recycling (yellow) bags are 50 litres and cost $4.39 for a pack of 5.

To use your bags:

  • Don't over fill your bags, and make sure that it can be tied securely to prevent litter
  • Make sure the bag does not weigh more than 12kg
  • Only items that can go in the Council's recycling wheelie bins can go in the recycling bags
  • Loose items and those not in an official Council bag will not be collected.

Do not put in your bags:

  • Sharp objects or anything which might puncture the bag (broken glass should be placed in a pierce proof container in your rubbish bag)
  • Excessively large items
  • Waste which might endanger any person, animal or vehicle during collection or disposal.