Volunteer with the Off The Wall Graffiti Programme, the backbone of the Council's graffiti programme and key to the success of reducing the impact of graffiti in our city.

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Off the Wall

Off the Wall is a volunteer-based graffiti removal programme that supports individuals and communities in graffiti removal.

As a volunteer, you have the option to decide whether to work as an individual or as part of a group. You can nominate an area where you prefer to work and how frequently you volunteer, at the time of your registration.

The Off the Wall volunteer programme offers different components of volunteering

Tag spotter

Reporting graffiti to the Christchurch City Council for removal via the Snap Send Solve reporting app.  If you do not own a smartphone we can accommodate other means of reporting.      

Tag remover

Removing graffiti by painting over and use of other graffiti removal products. The graffiti programme will direct you to sites that require graffiti removal and provide all necessary resources and safety equipment.

Group volunteering

Reporting and/or removing graffiti. We can accommodate community service activities and one of volunteering opportunities for groups of all sizes.  The graffiti programme will direct you to sites that require graffiti removal and provide all resources and safety equipment.  Groups will be responsible for their own transport, supervision, cleaning and return of equipment.

Mentors and artists

Working with schools, businesses and community groups on various mural projects as a proactive approach to decreasing graffiti vandalism. Mentors work with groups to share their advice and expertise. A mentor will help design, paint and oversee the mural process.

 We regularly have requests from businesses and other groups looking for artists to complete mural works on their properties around the city.  We send details out to all artists listed on our database. To be added to the database please send your contact details, and sample of your artwork to us at graffitiprogramme@ccc.govt.nz

A volunteer shows off their hard work

A volunteer shows off their hard work

As a volunteer you will:

  • make a difference to your community and environment
  • contribute to making your community feel safer
  • be provided with free resources and equipment
  • receive ongoing support and formal recognition
  • gain skills and work experience
  • receive newsletters(external link) and relevant graffiti information

Volunteer information sessions and sign-up days

We are not accepting new volunteers at this time.

We are fortunate to have a large pool of passionate volunteers helping us report and remove graffiti around the city. After evaluating our current team's needs, we have placed a hold on volunteer recruitment for tag spotters and tag removers until later in the year.

We still have volunteering opportunities for groups, mentors and artists on a casual basis.

Volunteers make their mark against graffiti

Eight-year-old Nevaeh has been volunteering for Christchurch City Council with her dad Ben as a tag spotter and graffiti remover since last year.

Residents like the McCallums are the backbone of the Council’s Off the Wall volunteer initiative which harnesses their efforts to combat tagging and graffiti around the city. Run by the Council’s graffiti programme, Off the Wall, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary later this year.

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