Let’s keep Christchurch clean and graffiti-free. We’re here to help.

Have you seen graffiti in a public place? Report it!

Our team takes a lead role in supporting a collaborative, city-wide approach to keeping our city clean, safe and free of graffiti. We manage a team of volunteers and work with our contractor Citycare to remove graffiti around Christchurch.

Contact the Graffiti Team(external link) to chat about creating a mural, removing graffiti, project ideas or to attend an event.

Tips to prevent graffiti

Have you been tagged? Clean it up quick.

What graffiti the Council removes

We remove graffiti in public spaces. If your property has been tagged, we can help.

Become a Graffiti Programme volunteer

We would like your help to keep Christchurch clean and graffiti-free.

Report and get rewarded

We want to thank you for contributing to help keep our communities graffiti-free.

Takiuru ki ā mātou ratonga
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