Quick removal is the best way to prevent tagging.

a man and a girl paint over some graffiti

  • Remove it quickly.
  • Dark coloured walls and surfaces are less likely to be targeted.
  • Reduce access to walls and buildings by installing fencing or planting trees and flowers.
  • Make your property visible and install outdoor lighting.
  • Is your business getting tagged? Talk to us about a mural.

For more tips, contact the Graffiti Programme on 03 941 8999.

Graffiti at your place

Have you been tagged?

It’s easy to report and remove graffiti on your property. Whether you’re a business, a property or a homeowner, we’re here to help.

We can supply you with a small range of paint colours and provide help and advice on removing graffiti.

If you’ve been tagged, please report it online(external link)contact us(external link) or use our smartphone app Snap Send Solve(external link). Reporting is quick and easy!