Quick removal is the best way to discourage retagging as taggers are looking for recognition. When tagging is left it's likely taggers will return, so you may need to remove graffiti repeatedly.

  • Report and remove quickly
  • Fences with rough surfaces and gaps are difficult to write on and reduce the chance of tagging
  • Dark coloured surfaces are less likely to be targeted
  • Graffiti resistant paint makes removal easier
  • Reduce access to walls and buildings, plants and rails can help
  • Remove structures people can climb. This discourages access to high buildings i.e. commercial buildings
  • Make your property visible, vandals don't like to be seen.

Full details about the law around graffiti legislation framework [PDF, 240 KB].

Graffiti at your place

You can remove graffiti vandalism on your property. 

Contact the Council Graffiti Programme for assistance with a limited range of paint colours and some help or advice on removing graffiti.