Register your dog

Every dog needs to be registered before it's three months of age, and from then on registrations need to be renewed each year by 31 July.

Renew your dog registration

Responsible dog owners renew before 30 June to receive the reduced rate. 

All dog owners to renew by 31 July. Late payment will incur a penalty fee.

Please check your details are correct, and let us know if you'd like a disc or strip tag.

To register a new dog or a dog that has never been registered, please contact us(external link) directly to set up your dog registration or register online.

Both discs and strip tags are available. There is an option before you make payment to indicate if you would like a strip tag. A disc will be issued if no preference is indicated.

Renew your dog registration

Renewals of existing registrations are due on 1 July each year. Recorded dog owners will be posted an application form/reminder around the end of May, which serves as an invoice once the appropriate registration fee is paid.

If your details and the details of your dogs have not changed, you can pay your renewal online using the CCC Owner ID number provided on the renewal notice or at any Council service desk(external link).

If details have changed from those posted out, you can update your details online or at any any Council service desk(external link).

Pay your dog registration

Payment of dog registration is due by 31 July. Payment after this date will incur a penalty. Payment in June may make you eligible for reduced fees.

What your dog registration supports

Dog registration fees fund important animal management services throughout the city.