Application for name and address of registered owner of dog.

Apply to the Christchurch City Council for the disclosure of the name and address of the registered owner of a dog under Section 35, Dog Control Act 1996(external link).  There are a limited number of reasons under which the Council may give this information.


  • You (the applicant) will need to provide your name and address and details of the dog whose owner details you seek.
  • You may also need to provide a means of identifying yourselves to the Local Authority. 

Applicant information


Dog information


The information is required for the purpose of:


You are required to provide your name, address and the purpose for which you require the information because section 35 of the Dog Control Act 1996(external link) prohibits a territorial authority from supplying the information unless it is satisfied with the identity of the applicant and that the information is required for one of a limited number of purposes specified in that section. The territorial authority may keep a record of your application.