Learn about Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM).

Christchurch City Council is responsible for planning and providing for civil defence emergency management in our district under the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Act 2002.(external link)

What we do when there isn't an emergency

Our everyday activities involve planning and preparing to respond to emergencies. These activities include:

  • Creating and delivering public education initiatives.
  • Supporting communities to develop community response plans.
  • Training our Response Team and Emergency Support Team volunteers so they are ready to help our communities.
  • Working with other agencies and organisations to plan how we will respond to different emergencies.
  • Developing our capability and capacity to make sure we have the technology, equipment and trained staff to manage emergencies.

What we do when there is an emergency

When an emergency happens here in Christchurch and/or Banks Peninsula, we may monitor the situation, support or direct other agencies(external link), and coordinate response activities. Sometimes we may need to activate an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

An EOC is a place where we work collaboratively with other agencies to respond to an emergency. The EOC may perform tasks like coordinating other emergency services, providing important public information, controlling access to dangerous areas, and ensuring the availability of water, food and temporary accommodation.

Civil Defence Centre (CDC)

A Civil Defence Centre is a place set up and run by Civil Defence Emergency Management. Here, we can provide support to those that need urgent help. A CDC is also open to members of the public who are unable to stay at home or with friends and family.

There are a number of buildings across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula that could be used as Civil Defence Centres, but the location and number of Centres will depend on the size of the event and how we need to support communities.

If a CDC is opened, the location will be communicated via our official sources(external link).

Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Christchurch City Council is part of the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group(external link).  This is a partnership of local authorities, emergency services, volunteers and other organisations tasked with ensuring the effective delivery of civil defence emergency management in Canterbury.