Mountain biking

Christchurch is renowned across the country for its stunning mountain bike trails. From the gentle rides at Bottle Lake to the more extreme tracks on the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula, there's outdoor adventure to suit every level.

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Cross country  Downhill  Forest Shorter Rides
Bowenvale Traverse Anaconda Bottle Lake Forest Castle Rock
Bowenvale Valley
Bowenvale down hill Mcleans Island Forest
Bridle path Crocodile   John Britten
Captain Thomas
Lava flow
  Mt Pleasant Track
Godley Head Marley Hill (flying nun)   Mt Vernon
Greenwood Park Victoria Park   Mt Vernon farm
Kennedy's Bush
  Witch Hill
Kennedy's Bush to Worsley's track
Little River Rail Trail      
Sign of the Kiwi to Bowenvale valley
Taramea Track      
Worsley's to Dyers Pass Road

Head to the Department of Conservation website for more popular rides around Canterbury and the rest of New Zealand. 

Christchurch Adventure Park has mountain bike trails aimed at all levels - flowy trails for beginners, sweeping intermediate trails and technical jump tracks for experts.