Christchurch parks and gardens are great places to hold your event, whether you're looking for a space by the beach, hills or even in the heart of the city.

Public events

To organise a public event in any parks or gardens you need to make a booking and apply for an event permit from the Christchurch City Council Events team.

Find out more about running an event

For any queries contact The Events team will guide you through the process and liaise with the park's management for approval and conditions.

Private events

Small groups

Simple picnics and small gatherings do not require an event permit however there are bookable park spaces available if you want to ensure your first priority use of an area.

Many bookable picnic spaces are near public barbeques. While free to use, these are unable to be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis.

Look at our interactive picnic and barbeque map.

Large groups

Are you planning to bring a large group, such as extended family, a school, club or work group? We can give you information on whether there are other events scheduled for that day at the location you require. 

If the size of your group is larger than the capacity of the picnic site, you may require an event permit.

If you are thinking of having a bouncy castle or gazebo, you will require further approval. Contact us for any queries, to check availability and arrange a booking. Find out more about making a park booking.