Christchurch parks and gardens are great places to hold your event, whether you're looking for a space by the beach, hills or even in the heart of the city.

Public events

A public event is an event or activity where the general public are invited to attend. This included community days, fairs, cultural events, etc. Your event will be advertised widely and open for anyone to attend. Depending on the nature of your activity, you may require an event permit before you can host your event in a park or garden space.

Find out when an event permit is required. 

Find out more about running an event

If you need further advice, please contact The Event Partnerships team will provide advice and guide you through the process of obtaining an event permit if one is required.

Private events

A private event is an event or activity where the general public are not invited. This might be a wedding, a work Christmas party or a club gathering. Your activity will not be advertised for anyone to attend.

A private event will not go through the event permit process and there may be some restrictions regarding spaces available and types of activities permitted.

If you want to use a public space for a private event or activity, please contact us for information regarding what spaces are available and whether there are any restrictions to be aware of.

If you are thinking of having a bouncy castle or gazebo, you will require further approval. Contact us for any queries, to check availability and arrange a booking. Find out more about making a park booking.