Putting up bouncy castles or gazebos in parks requires special permission and there are some parks where they are not allowed.

Regional and Heritage Parks

Due to the special nature of our regional parks and the unique habitats they protect, bouncy castles or mechanical devices are not permitted for private bookings. They will, however, be considered on a case by case basis for community event applications.

This applies to all our Garden and Heritage parks, the Groynes, Styx Mill Conservation Reserve, Lake Rua at Roto Kohatu, Spencer Park, Bottle Lake, Halswell Quarry, Ferrymead Park and Travis Wetland.

Urban Parks

Approval will be required if you are booking a local park and are considering having a bouncy castle, ezi-up gazebo, or anything that pierces the ground. 

Contact us to arrange approval. 

Please be aware that this takes time so your booking won't be finalised in the first call.

Terms and conditions

  • All events that include the use of a bouncy castle or gazebo where pegs or stakes are put into the ground require public liability insurance. This is because there is risk of puncturing pipes or cables and causing damage.
  • It is the event holder's responsibility to ensure that they or the bouncy castle operator holds $1m of public liability insurance. We recommend that the event holder asks the bouncy castle operator for a copy of their public liability insurance certificate. If the operator cannot provide a copy of their insurance certificate, we require the event holder to purchase the insurance.
  • The event holder must have a copy of the insurance certificate with them during the event so that if required, it can be presented to a Council officer.

 Printable terms and condition of use for park picnic site bookings [PDF, 23 KB].