What’s better than enlisting the help of one wedding planner? Two wedding planners and a matrimonial dream team at your fingertips.

Event planning can feel tough to navigate and we want you to feel inspired and supported in the lead up to the best day of your life.

Our workshops have been carefully designed to empower you to progress with your planning.

Think of them as a date with friends - You’ll get to meet people experiencing a life stage similar to you and bounce all of your questions and ideas around the room.

This series of workshops is for everyone, you don’t need an invite but you do need to book.

You’ll be able to select the workshops specific to inspiring your DIY day or design your wedstravaganza from start to finish.

Here's your introduction to our workshops:

1. The Game Plan

Consider this your personalised planning consultation with not just one, but TWO Canterbury wedding planners. Together, let’s make a game plan that keeps you on track and focused on what’s more important, no matter what stage you’re at. Once you know what you want your wedding day to shape up like, we’re going to dive right in and help you bring your dream vendor team together.

2. Styling, Marquees and Everything In-Between

By the end of this session, you will be a marquee extraordinaire as we take you through everything you need to consider when creating a pop-up venue. With specialists in their field, we will cover every topic from determining the size of your marquee to power and utilities, to styling and the extras you need to plan for.

3. The Finishing Touches

This workshop will have you ready to rock and roll with your final details ready to hand over to your vendor team. We’re going to take you through every type of document you may require, teach you how to put them together and distribute out, plus uncover finer details you may not yet have thought about. It’s time to celebrate the work you have put in and relax before your best day ever!