Visitors are invited to connect with the earth, community, and our environment.

With scheduled demonstrations, workshops, walks and community art projects, we have something for everyone:

Toi whakairo - Māori wood carving

Watch and add your energy to the creation of a large pou. Join our master carver Rawiri Koia as he shares the importance of kōrero pūrākau, (storytelling) through traditional wood carving. The final carving will stand by the talking circle at the Rongoā Site sharing its story for generations to come.

Ecological walk

Join the Styx Living Laboratory Trust on a 45-minute guided walk that discusses the ecological heritage of the Rongoā Site and Te Waoku Kahikatea Reserve - 2 walks at different times throughout the day.

Harakeke weaving workshops

Join Tohunga Tamoko a Kai-Raranga, weaver, and member of the weaving collective. Get hands-on and weave something to take home while you discover the importance of weaving in Māori culture, from ways of harvesting harakeke to how to extract the fibre and its many uses.

Community picnic table painting

Add your paint strokes as we paint a community picnic table that will live in reserves along the Pūharakekenui (Styx) River. The painted picnic table will reflect the importance of learning and education and provide a space for community groups to meet, collaborate and learn together outside.

Walking Circle

Ground yourself and clear your mind by participating in a walking circle activity that will help develop a spiritual connection with the land through barefoot walks.

Water quality session

Lend a hand and learn about the power of citizen science through participation in water quality monitoring. This session will be led by the Styx Living Laboratory Trust and will discuss what efforts have been taken to improve the water quality and ecology of the Pūharakekenui (Styx) River.

Traditional Māori medicine

There is no better place to learn about traditional Māori medicine than being surrounded by the plants used to create them! Join Aperahama Kipa on a 45-minute walk as you journey through time and explore Rongoā Rākau (traditional Māori medicines) and the plants used to create them. The walk will end with a medicinal tea sampling - 2 walks at different times throughout the day.

Purea, Mirimiri and Romiromi

Purea, Mirimiri and Romiromi by an initiated Tohunga of Rongoā Māori Healing. Leave behind unwanted baggage and sample a therapeutic, deep tissue massage and experience a spiritual cleansing and balancing demonstration.