Shape your place toolkit

This toolkit is intended for groups, or individuals, who would like to shape and enhance their neighbourhood and need ideas, information or inspiration about how to go about it.

kids playing in comunity

This toolkit is intended as a community resource in recognition that:

  • Christchurch is a collection of communities with their own sense of place, needs and ability to identify, plan and deliver their own projects through community-led place-making.
  • Place-making is a people-centred, collaborative and hands-on approach to the transformation of public or private spaces into meaningful community places, i.e. it’s not just the act of enhancing a space, but a process that strengthens the connection between you, your neighbours and the places you share.
  • There are a wide range of place-making projects that can transform public or private places into community spaces, from holding a street party to enhancing and looking after natural and built spaces that are valued by the local community.
  • Many place-making projects can be led, planned, designed, delivered and managed by local community groups with support, if needed, from Council staff.
  • While some – depending on their nature, scale and complexity – are more appropriately led by the Council, it does not always have the capacity to do so.
  • The Council’s vision for Christchurch is to be a city of opportunity for all. A city open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things; where anything is possible.

While not necessarily new, by providing the following information in one place, we hope this toolkit empowers you to shape your place. The following information will also give you an understanding of the time and resources likely required by you and if, when and how the Council and other agencies might be involved. 

As the toolkit is a living document, we welcome your feedback using the reference 'Shape Your Place Toolkit'.