The Council proudly works with and supports urban regeneration groups whose projects help make the city more vibrant.

Gap Fillerarcade gap filler

Gap Filler(external link) is a creative urban regeneration social enterprise that delivers short-term, creative projects in Christchurch.

Working with the local community, Gap Filler activates city spaces temporarily to improve well-being, engage and connect people with each other and the city and to spark conversation around what our city needs, how it should look, work and feel. 

Volunteer for Gap Filler(external link)

The Green Lab

The Green Lab(external link) (formally Greening the Rubble) creates urban green spaces that support strong social connections and promotes wellbeing. Their green spaces enable community-building and connect people with nature in the urban environment.

The Green Lab puts community, wellbeing and environmental sustainability first. Design is a social process of co-creation and, where possible, the organisation takes a participation approach that involves community in the design and construction.

Collaborate with, or sponsor, The Green Lab(external link).

Te Pūtahi: Christchurch centre for architecture and city-makingGelato_LiVs

Te Pūtahi(external link) works to grow people and places together. Having evolved from FESTA, Te Pūtahi focuses on the rebuild and Christchurch's ongoing renewal by creatively engaging a wide range of stakeholders and users with the making of a better city.

They also help coordinate the speaker and discussion series Christchurch Conversations(external link).

Volunteer for Te Pūtahi(external link)

Life in Vacant Spaces (LiVS)festa_te putahi

(external link)Life in Vacant Spaces(external link) brokers and manages privately owned vacant spaces and buildings by finding short and medium-term uses for those spaces.

LiVS' vision is to embed temporary activity into Christchurch's new culture, recognising that such activity is highly beneficial, hugely participatory and enlivening.

Access or offer a vacant site through LiVS(external link).