Our central neighbourhoods

The Central City is made up of a number of interesting neighbourhoods, each with their own unique characteristics, strengths and opportunities.

A number of Central City neighbourhoods are relatively new, others are well established with distinctive character and heritage features.

Neighbourhoods in northern and western aspects of the Central City have a high residential population whilst neighbourhoods to the south offer opportunities for further residential growth, especially once key anchor projects, including Metro Sports Facility, the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena and South Frame laneways are completed.

Accessibility to green space, infrastructure and community services also differs across the neighbourhoods.

It is the unique characteristics of our neighbourhoods that make them distinct, diverse and interesting places to live, visit and work.

It is estimated that 7170 people chose to call the Central City home (as of June 2020).

Central City neighbourhood map

As part of the Council’s Central City Residential Programme(external link), up to 10 different Central City neighbourhoods have been identified for future investigation and planning.

The map below generally reflects the areas covered by the existing neighbourhood groups/residents associations where they exist, but there may a few small differences in some cases. As the Central City grows and changes, it is recognised that this map may also change.

Select an area to learn more about the neighbourhood, including relevant neighbourhood groups/resident associations.

If you would like to know more information about the work the Council is doing in Central City neighbourhoods please contact centralcity@ccc.govt.nz



Avon Loop

Inner City West



Chester East


Central City South

South East

A neighbourhood walks programme ran in 2020 in order to gauge people’s thoughts and experiences of the different Central City neighbourhoods. Informally, the walks have been an opportunity for people to discover new spaces, talk with each other about Central City living and make connections with like-minded people.

The walks were led by a local resident and were typically attended by other residents and people who are interested in living in the Central City. Nine walks were completed in the Central City. 

Learn more about the key reflections and learnings from these walks:

The programme of neighbourhood walks is funded by the Christchurch City Council and organised by Te Putahi(external link)(external link)

Information gathered on the walks is being used to help inform neighbourhood planning and the Council’s Central City Residential Programme(external link)(external link).

If you are interested in hosting your own walk in your neighbourhood please contact centralcity@ccc.govt.nz

A project is underway in the Latimer neighbourhood (area bounded by Armagh, Fitzgerald, Lichfield and Manchester Streets) to identify the strengths and community champions of the neighbourhood.  The learnings from this engagement will be compiled in a booklet which can be shared and kept up to date by this neighbourhood. The booklet features the strengths of the community champions met through this process and provides an opportunity to develop ongoing connections and evolve this resource.

Gap Filler and the Christchurch City Council are working together on this project to promote social connection, liveability, community capacity and strength.

This project follows on from the Central neighbourhood walks(external link) series where a key opportunity emerged to strengthen neighbourhood connections in the Latimer neighbourhood. With lots of new homes being built in this neighbourhood, the area is set to grow. The Council wants to support this neighbourhood to build capacity and establish stronger neighbourhood connections.

Two blocks were selected for the first trial; One Central and Worcester and Gloucester Streets (between Madras and Fitzgerald). Over 50 people participated in the asset mapping process, which included a strengths finder exercise to identify community champions and a community event. This project will continue to evolve to further strengthen neighbourhood connections.

The key learnings of this project will be shared on this webpage shortly. This is a pilot project and may grow to support other neighbourhoods. 

If you are interested in learning more you can email centralcity@ccc.govt.nz

The Central City is within the Central Ward of the Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board. The Councillor for the Central Ward is Jake McLellan(external link).

More about the elected members, latest news, funding and resources.(external link)