Amendments and changes to existing resource consents may be made but the approval process varies depending on the nature and scope of the change.

Minor amendments within the scope of the consent

If your proposed changes to the plans are not significantly different from the approved resource consent plans, you can request approval for an amendment. The Council will assess whether the changes are "within the scope" of the approved consent.

Every situation is different so there are no hard and fast rules about whether an amendment is within the scope of an existing consent. It will depend on a number of factors, including the reason resource consent was needed, whether affected neighbours had given written approval, and any changes to the extent of non-compliance with the rules in the District Plan.   

Application for amendments within scope – Form P-021 [PDF, 131 KB].

Change or cancellation of conditions

If the changes to the building, subdivision or land use activity are more substantial, but the activity and its effects are still generally the same as what was originally consented, you can apply for a change to the conditions of the resource consent (under section 127 of the Resource Management Act).

Application to change or cancel resource consent conditions – Form P-015. [PDF, 152 KB]

An application to change of cancel conditions is processed in the same way as an application for a new resource consent. It can be non-notified, limited notified, or publicly notified, and the same statutory processing timeframes apply.

If the amended proposal is significantly different to the approved consent, a new resource consent will need to be obtained. The Council can provide you with advice on this.

Fees and charges

There is a fee for minor amendments and changes or cancellation of conditions. An initial deposit is payable when the application is lodged, and additional fees may be charged after processing has been completed.

These fees are outlined in the Resource management schedule of fees

If you are unsure whether your proposed amendments are within the scope of your existing resource consent, or will require an application to change the conditions or possibly a new consent, you can email our Duty PlannerIf you prefer to speak to us, please include your phone number and we will aim to call you back within four hours.

If you have already obtained a building consent you will also need to make a separate application to change the building consent.