Insurance settlements and on-going insurance.


Opting out 

Includes information on what opting out involves, the opting out process and what to do if you find further damage.
Opting out of the Canterbury Home Repair Programme(external link).

Cash settlement

Information on why EQC may cash settled your property, what happens next, what your settlement statement will include, your responsibilities as the dwelling owner, what you should do with your cash-settlement, what to do if you find further damage, what to do if you want to challenge your EQC settlement statement.
Factsheet: EQC is cash settling your home(external link).

Multi-unit buildings (MUB)

Information on how EQC has defined a MUB, how settlement is reached for MUB customers and MUB FAQ.
Multi-Unit Buildings(external link).

EQC settlement principles

EQC and Action Group agree settlement principles(external link).

Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ)

Owners of houses with claims over the EQC cap

Includes questions about getting a second opinion on costs, flood zone level rebuilds and deals between EQC and Insurers.
Questions and Answers for Owners of Houses with Claims over the EQC Cap(external link).

Availability of Insurance(external link).