Lincoln Road - Bus Lanes Night Works


Night works for the Lincoln Road Bus Lanes and water main upgrade project.


To install underground services along Lincoln Road including multiple watermain crossings, storm water pipeline and power cable ducting for traffic signals.


Lincoln Road between Whiteleigh Avenue and Moorehouse Avenue.


***NIGHTWORK: Sunday 29 May until Friday June 15 2022, from 6pm to 7am (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Isaac Construction. Phone Peter Chum on 0272366279 or 03 359 9145 or email , Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm.


The contractor will carry out these essential works in sections at night as the areas where these services need to be installed are not accessible during the day when the roads are busier. 

There will be a road closure for Bernard Street at the Lincoln Road intersection from 7pm until 6am. Access to Bernard Street from Lincoln Road will be restricted during this time.

Please see overleaf a map of the overall work area.  

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Impacts on traffic 

  •  Lincoln Road will be open during the work.
  • Temporary traffic management will be set up in the work area. Shoulder closures and stop-go controls will be in place from 7pm as needed. 
  •  Where road closures on the side streets off Lincoln Road are in place, detour signage will be in installed to direct road users.  
  • Temporary bus stops will be installed where existing stops may be affected. Signage will indicate where the bus stop has moved to. Please allow extra time. 
  • Cyclists will be merged with the traffic lanes. Please drive with care.  
  • Speed will be reduced to 30km/h through the work area. 
  • Pedestrian access to footpaths will be maintained at all times with detours in place from time to time. Please follow signage.

Impacts of work 

  • There will be increased noise, dust, and vibration from the use of machinery for activities such as saw cutting, hydro excavation, and plate compaction. 
  • Most of the work involving noise is planned to be carried out before 11pm where possible. 
  • If the work requires a water shut-down a further notice will be provided with dates and times. Please note that all planned shut-down will only be carried out at night. 
  • On-street parking will be affected on both sides of Lincoln Road where we are working.  
  • We will keep work areas small where possible and road cones will indicate where parking will not be available.  
  • Property access will be maintained where possible. We will work with businesses and residents during the work. Please let us know if you have any specific property access needs e.g. medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries or planned works.