Hei Hei Road - South Express Cycleway


We are building a cycleway on Hei Hei Road, between Waterloo Road and Buchanans Road, and completing storm water work, traffic light installation and kerb and channel works as we go.
We are also constructing a shared path along Buchanans Road, between Hei Hei Road and Carmen Road. This will be located on the north side of the road and we will complete some minor drainage works at the same time.


Our network of cycleways are making it safer and easier for people to cycle. More people cycling eases the pressure on our roads.


Hei Hei Road


February 2022 to August 2022 (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Fulton Hogan. Phone 0800 ROAD FH, Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm. Contact us after hours if you have any specific access requirement, e.g. nurse/doctor visits, Meals on Wheels or planned works on your property during our construction period.



The construction of the cycleway down Buchanans Road will require some trees to be removed, however replacements will be planted.
There will also be a signalised crossing installed on Buchanans Road, east of the intersection with Hei Hei Road.
A refuge island will be installed on Vanguard Drive will help people walking and cycling to cross. Some on-street parking along Vanguard Drive will need to be removed to give people crossing good visibility of approaching vehicles.

Traffic Impacts

  • There will be traffic impacts whilst the work is completed, a variation of road closures, one-ways, shoulder closures, lane drops and temporary parking removal. When these changes are approaching these will be communicated closer to the time. Business and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
  • The bulk of this work will happen during the day but there will be times when the contractor will carry out specific tasks at night when the roads are quieter and less congested. The contractor will communicate with affected parties before any night works start.
    There may be times when vehicle access to your property is restricted. This will be temporary and our contractor will communicate beforehand so you can move your vehicles if necessary.
  • There will be construction noise as the work is completed but this will be kept to a minimum.
  • There may also be some traffic delays and areas cordoned off as we do our work but we will work with people along the street to find convenient times to do this work.
  • The timing of the work is dependent on weather and road conditions so we will provide regular updates during construction.