Papanui - timber lining renewal and repair


We are renewing the timber lining in a segment of Papanui Creek and repair badly damaged timber elements in the Upper Dudley Creek Diversion.


The timber lining in Papanui Creek is at the end of its lifecycle and needs to be renewed. Much of Upper Dudley Creek Diversion's timber elements still have many years of life, but some are badly damaged. These need to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the drain.


Both works will take place at the end of Paparoa Street completely within private property and affects the stretch of drain that flows downstream from Paparoa Street.


18th October 2021 to mid-January 2021(weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Citycare. Phone Aaron Martin 027 215 8759, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Advise us if you have specific property access requirements e.g. medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries, planned works.


  • The planned works will renew the timber-lining in one 120m long section of Papanui Creek at the end of Paparoa Street. This has become necessary because the timber elements lining the Creek have reached the end of their useful life. All timber elements are bound to be replaced with new ones to maintain the drain's integrity and improve its ecological values.
  • The Upper Dudley Creek Diversion joins the lower end of Papanui Creek and diverts towards Cranford. Some timber elements in this drain are in poor condition and require repair, and the repair will improve the integrity of the drain and its ecological value.
  • The work may result in elevated levels of noise and traffic from what is experienced without. However, we will seek to keep the resulting disruption to a minimum.