Sparks Road Wetland


We are constructing a stormwater wetland and ponds to treat runoff from surrounding new and existing residential areas. We will also change the straight drain on Hendersons Road into a winding watercourse with new trees.


With the increase in residential housing in the area, there is a need to provide treatment facilities to remove the sediment from stormwater before it enters the Heathcote River.


270 Sparks Road (the corner of Sparks Road and Hendersons Road).


Works will start in the week of 12th March 2018 and continue for 14 months. Expected completion May 2019.


The contractor is GSL Ltd phone 021 383 065 or 03 3490 634 between 7.30am- 5pm Monday to Friday.

There will be some increase in traffic on Hendersons Road and Sparks Road from construction vehicles and deliveries to and from the site.