Linwood Village - streetscape enhancement project



There will be a one-way system and a temporary installation of stop-go traffic lights while we are enhancing the streetscape in Linwood Village. We’ll be making the road and footpaths safer to use, as well as planting trees, replacing street furniture, upgrading bus stops and updating pipes under the ground.


We are upgrading the streetscape in Linwood Village to make it way safer and easier for the people who live, work and spend time in the area.


On Stanmore Road, between the Gloucester Street intersection and the Hereford Street intersection, and the intersection of Stanmore Road and Hereford Street.


These first two stages of work will take place from Monday, 12 February 2024 until mid-March 2024. Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. (weather/site condition dependent). The rest of the project will be completed by June 2024.


The contractor is Isaac Construction Ltd. Phone 027 406 2465, Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm or email


We will begin work on Monday 12 February, focusing on both sides of Stanmore Road between 65 and 85 Stanmore Road.

Our work includes:

  • Installing speed humps at the roundabouts
  • Upgrading cycle infrastructure
  • Resurfacing some pedestrian spaces
  • Laying pavers, including tactile pavers
  • Replacing street furniture
  • Installing tree pits and garden beds
  • Replacing stormwater sumps
  • Upgrading submain water pipes in the footpath
  • Replacing bus stops
  • Creating new bus parking bays
  • Installing ducting for new signals

As part of the work to install the new water submains, we will need to temporarily shut off the water connections to the surrounding buildings. These temporary shut offs will take place once the submain has been installed and will only be for a few hours.  We will make direct contact with affected businesses and residences in advance of these shut offs.

To complete our programme of work safely, we will set up a one-way system to keep road users, pedestrians and our contractors safe while we work on the road:

  • The one-way system will be in place between Worcester and Hereford Streets and will stop cars travelling north along Stanmore Road towards Armagh Street.
  • There will be no left turn on to Stanmore Road for those traveling east on Hereford Street.
  • There will be no right turn on to Stanmore Road for those travelling west on Hereford Street.
  • This one-way system will remain in place for the duration of the work, outside of operation hours and during public holidays.
  • Pedestrian access to footpaths will be impacted, however, access will be maintained to businesses and detours will be in place where necessary. Please follow the signage.
  • Cyclists may need to merge with traffic through the work area.
  • Speed will be reduced to 30km/h through the work area.
  • On-street parking will be affected on both sides of the road where we are working.
  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration from the use of machinery for activities such as saw cutting, hydro excavation and plate compaction.

We will need to set up a temporary stop-go between Hereford Street and Stanmore Road from 6pm on Monday, 12 February. This closure will be in place for one night so we can minimise disruption to traffic while removing existing pedestrian islands.

Once the two stages outlined in this notice have been completed, we’ll move our site and begin working on both sides of Stanmore Road between 85 and 110 Stanmore Road. We will be in the area until end of June.

We will be in contact with all businesses directly impacted prior to work starting, and will work with the community as we complete our work at the intersections, and progress up the road towards Gloucester Street.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or have some information about medical needs, construction work planned or any other activity at your property please get in touch.

Please see the detour route below. This will be in place between Monday, 12 February and mid-March.




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