Steamwharf Stream Waterway Banks - Stormwater Renewal Works


The bank renewal of Waterway in Steamwharf Stream (Palinurus Road & Alport Pl) including planting and installation of fish habitats.


To renewal the bank of the waterway to increase the stability bank and improve the environment for the habitats.


767 Ferry Road, 25 Alport Pl, 19 Alport Pl, Woolston


Work will start at the beginning of August 2023 and is expected to be completed by mid-October 2023 (weather dependent).
Work will be undertaken between Monday to Friday, 7am -6pm. Residents will be notified of any night works.


The contractor is CityCare. Phone 0508 CITYCARE (248 922). Monday to Friday, 7am - 6pm.
Please advise us if you have specific access requirements: e.g.:-medical visits, home helps, large vehicle deliveries and any planned works.


  • Construction equipment and transport entry will be required.
  • The methodology includes existing water diverted during the construction period.
  • Access to properties will be maintained.
  • Construction will involve landscaping of a new naturalized bank. The benefits include stabilized the waterway bank, environmental and aesthetic improvements, and lower asset replacement costs over the longer term.

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