Te Kaha (Canterbury's Multi-Use Arena) - major concrete pours


Te Kaha’s lead contractor, BESIX Watpac, will undertake about 40 major early-morning concrete pours as work begins on Te Kaha’s substructure and foundations.


The substructure is a crucial element of Te Kaha’s construction, as it will enable the land to support the huge arena, and ensure it can withstand any seismic activity in the future.


The large block of land bounded by Hereford, Barbadoes, Tuam and Madras Streets.


27 January 2023 to mid-August 2023. Monday to Saturday, from 2am (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is BESIX Watpac. Please phone Brian Hayes on 027 220 8462, Adrian Jones on 027 251 5288, or Kent Summerfield (Christchurch City Council) on 027 520 3011, Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm.


Contractors are about to undertake major concrete pours as they begin construction on the substructure of Te Kaha,
Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena.  

The concrete pours will begin on 27 January 2023, with about 40 pours expected between January and August 2023. 

The majority of these pours are likely to begin at about 2am. There are a number of reasons why they need to take place
at this time:

  • Concrete-pouring is strenuous for workers – especially during summer – and early-hour pours help minimise heat stress on staff.
  • Pours of this size require a large number of trucks and undertaking these in the early hours minimises the risk of traffic congestion during morning peak periods.
  • Concrete supply is much more consistent than during the day.
  • Working in the early morning avoids higher daily temperatures, which helps keep the concrete cooler and reduces the risk of non-compliance with Codes and Standards. 

During these concrete pours it is likely there will be more noise than usual, but the contractors will do their best to manage on-site noise. They will do this by: 

  • Setting up during daylight hours.
  • Locating the plant and machinery in the middle of the site, so they are as far from neighbours as possible.
  • Using equipment that is quieter than other options, and minimising activities that create noise.
  • Using noise barriers where practical.
  • Training and educating staff.
  • Consulting and communicating with neighbours.

For more information on the Te Kaha project, visit canterburyarena.co.nz.

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