Working on our roads

All work on roads, road closures and traffic or parking restrictions must be approved by the Christchurch City Council prior to the work or closure.

Work on the road

The Council is responsible to facilitate the coordination of works on the road corridor to ensure everyone who digs up the road uses a ‘dig once’ approach.

Corridor access requests

If you are planning to carry out any work or activity that affects the normal operation of the road, footpath or berm, you must submit a Corridor Access Request (CAR) before you start.

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway from the front of the property boundary to the roadway. It is possible to widen or relocate your vehicle crossing.

Overweight vehicle permits

Controls on the weight and axle loads of vehicles protect the road network. If your vehicle exceeds load limits, you need to apply for an overweight permit.

Overdimension vehicle permits

To drive an overdimension vehicle or load on the road network, you need an overdimension permit.


MyWorksites is a new way of applying for corridor access requests, works access permits and approval of traffic management plans.

Traffic management and road level classifications

When designing a traffic management plan, the classification of the road determines the level of signage.

Traffic management news and information

News and information relating to temporary traffic management best practices, guidelines and local operating procedures.

Temporary use of legal road

The Council charges lease fees for the temporary use of legal road, such as when containers/ skips/ fences/ hoardings need to occupy public roads and footpaths.

Contractor health, safety and wellbeing reports

Submit a Schedule 17 monthly health and safety report, or report a contractor health, safety and wellbeing event, including positive observations.