Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are great fun and a cheap form of transport - training is a simple way to lessen your risk and help you enjoy your ride.

person riding a motorcycleWhat you can do

To help others notice you on the road and decrease your risk.

Use your headlight

  • Ride with your headlight on dip (low beam) during the day
  •  If your motorcycle was manufactured on or after 1 January 1980, you must use your headlight on dip (low beam) or daytime running lamps during daylight hours.

Wear bright, reflective clothing

  • This will help make you more visible. White, orange, yellow and red are the colours most easily seen
  • Reflective tape on your clothing or motorcycle can also help others to see you
  • A reflective vest is more noticeable to drivers behind you than a tail light.

Ride so you can be seen

  • Ride behind the right-hand wheels of the vehicle ahead, you are more easily seen in the rear-vision mirrors of the vehicle. This position allows you to be seen by oncoming vehicles, and for you to see them
  • If you cannot see a driver's eyes in their mirrors, they cannot see you. Move within your lane to improve your chances of catching a driver's attention.

Get rider training

Attend the Kickstart motorcycle safety event

  • Held every October, this is an opportunity to learn and meet other motorcyclists. 

What the government is doing

Reducing motorcycle crashes is a high priority in the government’s Safer Journeys Action Plan 2016-2020 [PDF].
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