Every year there are a high number of intersection crashes in Christchurch so be ‘onto it’ at intersections and stay safe on our roads.

In Christchurch, 60% of crashes occurred at intersections between 2017 and 2021. 

Being 'onto it' at intersections is a way we can all keep safer on roads. We are rolling out a number of initiatives to improve safety at intersections:

  • Installing turning arrows at intersections, with more planned over the next 12 months.
  • Making major upgrades to intersections and road environments.
  • Collaborating with NZ Police to improve enforcement at intersections.

Red light safety cameras have been installed to reduce dangerous driving, help save lives and support Road to Zero, New Zealand’s road safety strategy. 

The new red light cameras are located at the intersection of:

  •  Manchester Street/Pilgrim Place/Moorhouse Avenue
  •  Gasson Street/Madras Street/Moorehouse Avenue.

The cameras will catch drivers who run a red light at these intersections. They may then receive an infringement notice from police.

Running a red light to save a few seconds of your trip can be dangerous for yourself and others. 

You can read more about the red light cameras on Newsline.(external link)

Safety tips

How you can be onto it while your on the roads.

Stay alert

As you approach an intersection, focus on what is happening around you and make sure to look around. Poor observation and distraction is a factor in over 40% of all crashes at intersections.


Slow down

Ease up on your speed(external link), as your speed increases, the distance you need in order to stop increases and you have less time to react.

Red means stop

Don't chance it, a yellow light means stop unless you're so close to the intersection that you can't stop safely. A red light means stop(external link). Failing to give way is a factor in 28% of crashes in Christchurch.


Turning safely

Before turning or crossing into the path of others(external link), make sure to check your surroundings.

Don't block the intersection

Before you cross an intersection(external link) make sure you can make it to the other side.