Kennedys Bush Track

This is a 4WD track that offers a long steady climb to Summit Road. Extend your ride to finish at Worsleys Road.

Start: Halswell Quarry, Kennedys Bush Road.

Finish: Summit Road, Port Hills.

Access: Climb up Crocodile Track or from Kennedys Bush Road.

Signage: Posted at each end.

Shared route: Yes.

Description: This is the longest ascent on the Port Hills. 

Extend your adventure and finish at Worsleys by turning onto Summit Road and continuing for 1.6 km. Turn left up a short section of road to the top of Worsleys Spur. Descend 2.6 km down the heavily rutted Worsley Track to Worsleys Road.


  • Riding isn't recommended during lambing in August and September.
  • During winter tracks can be wet and slippery so please proceed with caution.