Bowenvale down hill

Classed as a grade four ride, this track, along with the Bowenvale Traverse, was the first downhill track built in the Port Hills in the mid-nineties.

Grade: 4, advanced. Steep, narrow, poor traction, difficult to avoid obstacles. Exposed on outside edge. 

Start: Top of Huntsbury Track near the Summit Road.

Finish: The bottom of Bowenvale Valley on the 4WD track. 

Access: The fastest access is to ride the Bowenvale Traverse Track from Victoria Park. Alternatively ride up Rapaki Track and then take the Mt Vernon Track through to its end at the top of Huntsbury.

Signage: The track is sign-posted at the airstrip.

Description: Ride from Victoria Park along the Bowenvale Traverse Track to the top of Huntsbury Track. 

Start riding down the gravel-surfaced 4WD Huntsbury Track for approximately 500 metres.

Turn left at the airstrip. Follow a rough, steep 4WD track down the valley. The track narrows as you reach the valley floor and Bowenvale Valley 4WD track. From the 4WD track it's a short ride to Bowenvale Avenue.