Urban Design

The Council is committed to working with the community to rebuild Christchurch as a city for people.

Well-designed buildings and spaces will make Christchurch an attractive and healthy place to live, with strong communities, a healthy environment and a vibrant economy. 

In order to achieve this, the Council:

  • provides a design review service for private developments, to promote good-quality design
  • runs an independent Urban Design Panel made up of leading design professionals
  • develops design guides and case studies illustrating best-practice urban design
  • works with communities to develop and carry out suburban masterplans
  • designs and upgrades public spaces and facilities
  • provides facilitators and runs community workshops for public space projects
  • carries out a programme of transitional projects and provides funding others to carry out transitional projects 
  • supports businesses returning to the central city and suburban centres
  • works with local groups such as Gap Filler, Life in Vacant Spaces, Te Putahi and Greening the Rubble to fund and assist their work.

Urban design guides

Urban design guides produced by the Council.

Transitional Christchurch

Christchurch’s recovery journey is a time of transition.

An Accessible City

An Accessible City is about making our Central City accessible.