Strong communities give people a sense of belonging and encourage them to take part in social, cultural, economic and political life.

Refreshed Strengthening Communities Together Strategy

Our city has changed since our first Strengthening Communities Strategy in 2007. We have faced many challenges as a city but these challenges have also sparked creativity, innovation and collective action.

Renamed the Te Haumako Te Whitingia Strengthening Communities Together Strategy 2022, the refreshed strategy aims to better meet community needs and aspirations, now and in the future.

Te Haumako Te Whitingia Strengthening Communities Together Strategy

We reflected on the 2007 Strengthening Communities Strategy, which made it clear that people value diversity, collaboration, being connected and building capability for the future.

We cannot address the many complex social issues that face our city on our own but can help to develop and nurture networks and bring resources and people together so that collectively we can achieve more.

We know that communities want us to focus more on impact and outcomes, with more emphasis on collaboration and partnership. They want transparency and accountability with measurable goals and actions so we know what’s working and what isn’t.

We believe this refreshed strategy delivers on this.

Accessible formats

Te Haumako; Te Whitingia Strengthening Communities Together Strategy Overview document (Word) [DOCX, 24 KB] – A reader-friendly Word version, which is an easier format for individuals who use software to help accessibility. This will assist our visually impaired and English as a second language communities. 

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