The Council adopted the 2011/12 Annual plan on 30 June 2011.

Council adopts Annual Plan 2011/12

Annual Plan 2011/12 [PDF, 2.9 MB] 

The 22 February earthquake dramatically affected the normal Annual Plan process causing a complete revision of budgets, capital projects scheduling and levels of service. Because of the earthquake the Council faced budget deficits of $73.8 million over three years.

The Mayor and Councillors adopted an Annual Plan which includes a 5.34 per cent rate increase and an additional 1.76 per cent rate increase over five years to repay the deficit.

A two-week feedback period ran from 11 – 27 June and feedback was received from 63 individuals or groups. Community Boards also presented their feedback to the Council at hearings held on 29 June.


Community Board Feedback 

Feedback from Community Boards [PDF, 8.9 MB] was heard by the Council on Wednesday 29 June 2011.

The public feedback is available to review: part 1 [PDF, 22 MB] , part 2 [PDF, 20 MB].