This plan maps out Council-owned and community-owned facilities across the city.

The Council wants to support the network of community centres and halls across Christchurch City and Banks Peninsula so these spaces are well used, and people come together there for lots of different activities. Community spaces are where people come together, building resilience and creating an active sense of community through engaging with each other and sharing experiences.

The plan gives a snapshot of what we have across the city, looking at the network as a whole. By understanding where these spaces are and what each can offer, the Council can work with the community to make the most of each facility in the network, and identify and support opportunities for the community to activate, operate or own facilities.

Information within the plan also helps support decisions about any proposed changes or developments to Council facilities within the network. Any recommendations and decisions on individual facilities (such as building a new facility, changing usage or potential sale) will be made through robust and transparent Community Board, Annual Plan and Long Term Plan processes, with appropriate engagement and consultation sitting alongside.

Developing a Community Facilities Network Plan is part of the Council’s wider Strengthening Communities Strategy, which is currently being refreshed.

Find more information on some of the Council-owned venues that are available for hire.