On completion of your booking, you will receive an email with a confirmation letter and programme planner attached.


Before you book a school programme please note:

  • For class sizes under 12 or over 35 students, please email us on LTA@ccc.govt.nz or phone 03 941 6389.
  • Fill in a separate booking form for each class attending.
  • Consider health and safety requirements including adult/student ratios and Risk Activity Management plans (available on request or on confirmation of booking).
  • By making a booking, you are agreeing to provide the required adult/student ratios for the programme you are booking (the classroom teacher is included as one of the adults).
  • Check your school policy to ensure you are meeting these obligations.

Student year levels
Preferred session time
How you will be arriving on the day?


Travel to this programme for free

Thanks to EcoCentral's partnership with Red Bus, for the 2023 school year schools can travel to the A Waste of Time Hangaruatia programme for free.

Do you want to request the free Red Bus?