Reporting and monitoring

Reports on Council work, performance and finances, and monitoring and reporting on residents' views on Council services and living in Christchurch.

As well as the Annual report Council produce a significant number of reports, some as the output of ongoing monitoring programmes.

You will find reports on matters not covered elsewhere. In particular, you will find reports and monitoring relating to our environment both physical and social.

Annual reports

Annual report set out what the Council did in the past year, why we did those things, how much they cost, and how we paid for them.

Independent reports

Independent Financial Position Reports from Cameron Partners and KordaMentha.

Christchurch Residents Survey

Every year we ask for your feedback on how satisfied you are with our services. This is a snapshot of what you said.

Life in Christchurch

The Council wants to know more about the communities living in Christchurch and their experiences of living in the city.

Share an Idea

A post-earthquake conversation with our community to gather their ideas on the Central City redevelopment.

Summer research scholarships

Each year the Council offers five summer research scholarships to students to work collectively on a range of research projects.

Pedestrian counts

Reported pedestrian counts from a range of sites across the central city.

Working at Council employee survey

An annual staff satisfaction survey to find out what staff think about working at the Council.

Environmental scan

A fact-based analysis and interpretation of a wide range of issues and trends which may impact the city.