Councillor for Heathcote Ward.

Councillor for Heathcote Ward, Sara Templeton

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Sara Templeton

Councillor for Heathcote Ward, Sara Templeton

About Sara

Sara is the Councillor for the Heathcote ward which stretches from Waltham out to Taylor’s Mistake. She is a member of the Innovation and Sustainable Development Committee, the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee, the Regulatory Performance Committee and the Development Forum.

Her key areas of interest are the environment, sustainability and climate change, and in enabling communities to connect and strengthen for long term well-being and resilience.

When the earthquakes hit in 2010 and 2011 Sara was having time off from her teaching career, raising three young children and running a small business from home. However, in May 2011 she sold her business and volunteered locally helping to connect and strengthen her community, Heathcote Valley, as they responded to and recovered from the earthquakes. It was this work that led her to stand for Community Board in 2013.

As Chair of Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board from 2013-2016 she represented an area including the central city, Linwood, Woolston, Mt Pleasant and Sumner. It was a diverse area and she found the work stimulating and rewarding. Sara was also chair of the Community Reference Group for Victoria Square ensuring that the communities’ desire for a restored, rather than redeveloped, square was upheld.

In 2016 Sara was co-editor of Heathcote: The Upside, a book which celebrates the community-led response, creativity and initiative after the 2011 earthquakes. It is available through Freerange Press.