Our vision

Ōtautahi - Christchurch is a city of opportunity for all... open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things – a city where anything is possible.

The Strategic Framework is headed by a vision statement that sends a message of openness and opportunity to all who live here, to the wider region, to New Zealand and to the world. 

The vision sets out what we value and what we aspire to as a city.

Strategic Framework

The Council approved a new 2020 Strategic Framework on 19 December 2019 that forms the foundation for the next Long Term Plan 2021- 2031.

Community outcomes

We can't achieve the community outcomes by ourselves - it will require empowering communities and collaborating with other agencies.

Strategic priorities

We've identified five strategic priorities, reflecting key issues and priorities of Christchurch residents.

Plans, strategies, policies & bylaws

Council bylaws, policies, strategies, and plans that help us to shape the future of our city.